The following is the cancelled “Super Spin”, developed by Zyrinx Software in 1993 for the Sega Genesis! It was developed about a year or so before their first published game titled Sub-Terrania, and consists of simple top-down racing action featuring two characters by the name of Chief and Sheena. Because this is in such an early state, different terrains such as grass and water do not stop or slow down the player. A small debug display of sorts also appears within the lower left corner of the screen, although its intended purpose is currently unknown.

Game Controls

Up - Change to second gear
Left / Right - Steer
Down - Change to first gear
Down (while not moving) - Reverse
B - Accelerate


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Board / Cartridge Images

Cart Front

Playthrough Video

An overview video created by Hard4Games:

Special Thanks

Massive thanks to GamingLegend64 for sending this in for release!


Download Super Spin (Preview Version)