This is an 8M pack for the Satellaview which contains two digital magazines, with one already being dumped, and one being brand new. The newly dumped magazine is titled “Yuuki Nae no GE-MU no Tsubo 3/16” and features lots of bizzare promotional art for the Nintendo 64 as well as seemingly random illustrations and bits information scattered between pages.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

The second piece of data (Yuuki Nae no GE-MU no Tsubo 3/23) contains more illustrations depicting Mario and various other Nintendo characters.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

ROM Information

----| File Data |--------------------------------------------------
System:             Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System          
File:               SF82.SFC
BitSize:            8 Mbit
Size (Bytes):       1048576
CRC32:              D3B39A4B
MD5:                78128C5BEC657D26968B242FC7C79611
SHA1:               5EC22D1957CFE1F1148126ECD37FD92CBD3BBECF
SHA256:             BEAE5A499EB516A58BA718B353D78919DA806CD03F0ACE53DC9F021C080A50E3
----| Detection Data |---------------------------------------------
ROM Type:           LoROM
Cartridge Type:     Normal
----| Header Data |------------------------------------------------
New Maker Code:      N/A
Serial:              N/A
SFX SRAM Size:      0x00
Title:              裕木奈江    ・   
Map Type:           0x00 (SlowROM-200ns; LoROM-32KB Banks)
ROM Type:           0x30 (Unknown)
ROM Size:           0x83 (64 Kbit; Bad)
SRAM Size:          0x20 (8 Kbit)
Country:            0x20 (Unknown)
Old Maker Code:     0x00 (Unknown)
Version:            0x02 (v1.2)
Inverse Checksum:   0x0000 (Bad; 0x9B7B)
Checksum:           0x0000 (Bad; 0x6484)

Board / Cartridge Images

Cart Front

Playthrough Video

A gameplay video play through played by Hard4Games:

Special Thanks

Massive thanks to Lain32_ for sending this in for release!


Download Satellaview 8M (Yuuki Nae no GE-MU no Tsubo 3/16)