Today we’ve preserved a copy of Intelligent Systems’ SDK for the Nintendo Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance, dated May 2nd of 2001. Included with this disc is software for the following pieces of hardware: IS-AGB-CAPTURE, IS-AGB-CHARACTER, IS-AGB-DEBUGGER, IS-AGB-EMULATOR, IS-CGB-CHARACTER, IS-CGB-DEBUGGER, IS-CGB-EMULATOR, IS-ANIMEVIEWER, IS-FLASH-GANG-WRITER.


ROM Information

LBA[000016, 0x00010]: Volume Descriptor

Volume Descriptor Type: 1
Standard Identifier: CD001
Volume Descriptor Version: 1
System Identifier: CD-RTOS CD-BRIDGE               
Volume Identifier: ISDK20010502                    
Volume Space Size: 15234
Volume Set Size: 1
Volume Sequence Number: 1
Logical Block Size: 2048
Path Table Size: 204
Location of Occurrence of Path Table: 19
Location of Optional Occurrence of Path Table: 0
Length of Directory Record: 48
Extended Attribute Record Length: 0
Location of Extent: 23
Data Length: 2048
Recording Date and Time: 2001-05-15T10:08:46+00:00

Disc Serials -
GD157L0461474 (Mould SID)
74 PM14025 (Mastering SID Code)

Disc Images

Disc Front

Special Thanks

Massive thanks to MSX for sending this in for release!


Download Nintendo Game Machines INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS Development Kit (2001.5.2)