Today we’ve preserved the Famicom Disk Writer EEPROM Pack! Looking through the data, interestingly it’s not a fully functioning ROM at all, but instead contains a giant list of product codes of games that users were able to write to their disks via the kiosk. The cartridge on the left contains a label saying “Repair III”.

Thanks to the efforts of LuigiBlood, it was discovered that these cartridges were likely used to record sales data so that Nintendo would be able to know which games were most popular. Next to each product code is a number, potentially being the number of writes that specific game had. Popular games at the time such as Super Mario Bros. 2, Mysterious Murasame Castle, and Zelda 2 have a high value next to them, which could lean to this theory being correct. There also appears to be a few product codes which didn’t exist at all, and even didn’t show up on any lotcheck documents. Those product codes are as follows: QHO, GHF, (?)IK, FMT, UWO, and FMTS.

Board / Cartridge Images

Cart Front

Overview Video


Download Famicom Disk Writer EEPROM Pack (Japan)