Today we have preserved an early NTSC build of Dragon Dance for the Game Boy Color, developed by Natsume! The differences mainly just seem to be graphical such as: Different publisher logo screens, palette differences, visual bugs, as well as the copyright text. Interestingly upon boot it shows the Infogrames logo instead of Crave Entertainment’s logo, suggesting that it was originally going to be published by Infogrames.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

ROM Information

----| File Data |--------------------------------------------------
System:             Nintendo - Game Boy Color         
BitSize:            2 Mbit
Size (Bytes):       262144
CRC32:              A0CD0ED7
MD5:                2CCD7A904115B2A96C8B398A142854E2
SHA1:               7DF48E776CE2BE88F7A9459530B855CEF2F012B6
SHA256:             92541F741DDA869C5B69531D0949886CE300333BAEC21FF4EF773CCA80339A1C
----| Header Data |------------------------------------------------
Entry Point:        0x0150C300
Logo Code:          Ok
Title:              DRAGONDANCE
Serial:             AD5E (USA)
GBC Flag:           0x80 (GBC & GB Compatible)
New Licensee Code:  70 (Infogrames)
SGB Support:        0x03 (Yes)
Cartridge Type:     0x19 (ROM + MBC5)
ROM Size:           0x03 (Ok; 2 Mbit; 262144 Bytes)
RAM Size:           0x00 (None)
Old Licensee Code:  0x33
Version:            0x00 (v1.0)
Header Checksum:    0x98 (Ok)
Global Checksum:    0x4CE1 (Bad; 0x5459)

Board / Cartridge Images

Dragon Dance (USA) (Prototype) - Cart Front

Special Thanks

Massive thanks to Rezrospect for sending this in for release!


Download Dragon Dance (USA) (Prototype)