The following cartridge was used within Foxconn factories in order to test Nintendo 3DS systems before they would hit store shelves. This program is listed as version 5.01 and is dated May 30th, 2012.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

ROM Information

== Reading file '000400000F980000_v00.3ds'...
-- Nintendo 3DS ROM Image detected
Media ID:      '00040000-0F980000'
Warning:       'keys.conf was not found.'
Media Type:    'Card1'
Card Device:   'NOR Flash'
Card Revision: '00'
Issuer:        'Retail'
|#|Type|Encryption|Version|  Size   |
|0|Game|Unknown   |Unknown|142.9 MiB|

Board / Cartridge Images

Cart Front
Cart Back

Special Thanks

Massive thanks to March42, HudU, ufo, Normmatt, and Rezrospect for sending this in for release!


Download CTR EVA (Import) 5.01