This is a prototype of Taz-Mania by NuFX. This build contains different item placement and doesn’t have the dialogue implemented yet.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

ROM Information

----| File Data |--------------------------------------------------
System:             Nintendo - Game Boy           
BitSize:            1 Mbit
Size (Bytes):       131072
CRC32:              C3D85EF6
MD5:                0D3D2B3BBCA0A8D6F43968E12940B356
SHA1:               B31F8EC2A330D57EC7736E405833508CA8A98700
SHA256:             935135AEBC69A54A63771ADE330617C5C76CFD7467DEC6240845B4325C0BEC55
----| Header Data |------------------------------------------------
Entry Point:        0x0158C300
Logo Code:          Ok
Title:              TAZMANIA        
New Licensee Code:  N/A
SGB Support:        0x00 (No)
Cartridge Type:     0x01 (ROM + MBC1)
ROM Size:           0x02 (Ok; 1 Mbit; 131072 Bytes)
RAM Size:           0x00 (None)
Old Licensee Code:  0x6B (Laser Beam)
Version:            0x00 (v1.0)
Header Checksum:    0x23 (Ok)
Global Checksum:    0x55C9 (Bad; 0x553F)


Download Taz-Mania (Europe) (Prototype)