Today we have released a promotional DVD by Nintendo titled “Game Play Footage DVD Zer06”. This disc was given to press who attended E3 2006, and it contains many early B-roll clips for upcoming DS and Wii titles such as: Super Mario Galaxy, Wii Sports, Twilight Princess, New Super Mario Bros DS, and many more. Each clip provides us with a nice and clear look into prototypes for the games shown. The Wii portion consists of two video clips, one of them containing music, and one containing only sound.


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Disc Information

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	Size: 3521118208
	CRC32: 85e1d525
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	SHA1: 9c04f93a1ca7ee890a8e980b0405f39e436eb4ac

Disc Images

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Special Thanks

Massive thanks to Larsenv for sending this in for release!


Download Nintendo Game Play Footage DVD Zer06