Today we have released a demo build of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s identical to the demo which was shown at E3 2013, except for the graphic on the title which matches the eShop demo. This build is dated as May 13, 2013 (which can be seen from the home screen).

This build was found on the 3DS CDN and was decrypted using the title key algorithm which was released in the Nintendo leaks a while back.

There are traces of other unreleased or early titles on 3DS CDN-related servers, such as a Jun 2014 build of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (title id 0004000000140300). However the actual titles may never have been on the CDN itself.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

ROM Information

== Reading file '0004000000103D00 Mario & Luigi(Demo) (CTR-P-AYMZ) (U).cia'...
-- Nintendo 3DS Application Package detected
----- SMDH -----
Title:           'Mario & Luigi(Demo)'
Full Title:      'Mario & Luigi(Demo)
                  May 13 2013  14 12 00'
Publisher:       'Nintendo'
Region Code:     [ ] Japan     [*] USA   [ ] Europe     
                 [ ] Australia [ ] China [ ] South Korea
                 [ ] Taiwan   
Age Ratings:     ESRB=E10+
----- CIA -----
Title ID:        '00040000-00103D00'
Product Code:    'CTR-P-AYMZ'
Logo:            'Nintendo'
Version:         '0.0.0 (v0)'
Issuer:          'Retail'
Console ID:      '00000000'
|#|Type|    Encryption     | Version  |  Size   |
|0|CXI |CIA+Standard (0x2C)|0.0.2 (v2)|180.4 MiB|
----- ExHeader -----
Process Name:    'MILLI4C'
Type:            'Application'
Flags:           [*] CompressExefsCode [*] SDApplication
Old3DS Sys Mode: 'Prod (64 MiB)'
New3DS Sys Mode: 'Legacy (64 MiB)'
New3DS CPU Mode: [ ] L2 Cache [ ] 804 MHz


Download Mario & Luigi - Dream Team (USA) (Prototype) (May 13th 2013)