Today we have released both a NAND dump and the software for the Gyro Sensor Calibration CTR! These units were used internally during 2010-2013 to test the gyroscope within the Nintendo 3DS.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

ROM Information

== Reading file '000400000F980000_v00.3ds'...
-- Nintendo 3DS ROM Image detected
----- SMDH -----
Title:           'Test Program'
Full Title:      'Test Program'
Publisher:       'Nintendo Co.,Ltd.'
Region Code:     [*] Japan     [*] USA   [*] Europe     
                 [*] Australia [*] China [*] South Korea
                 [*] Taiwan   
Age Ratings:     CERO=A, ESRB=0, USK=0, PEGI=0, PEGI-PT=0, BBFC=0, ACB=G
----- NCSD -----
Media ID:        '00040000-0F980000'
Product Code:    'CTR-P-3S00'
Logo:            'Nintendo'
Media Type:      'Card1'
Card Device:     'None'
Card Revision:   '00'
Issuer:          'Retail'
|#|Type|  Encryption   | Version  |  Size  |
|0|Game|Standard (0x2C)|0.0.2 (v2)|11.6 MiB|
----- ExHeader -----
Process Name:    'CTRTrial'
Type:            'Application'
Flags:           [*] CompressExefsCode [ ] SDApplication
Old3DS Sys Mode: 'Prod (64 MiB)'
New3DS Sys Mode: 'Legacy (64 MiB)'
New3DS CPU Mode: [ ] L2 Cache [ ] 804 MHz 

Board / Cartridge Images

Cart Front
PCB Front

System Back Unit Front

Playthrough Video

Special Thanks

Massive thanks to Mecas for sending this in for release!


Download Gyro Sensor Calibration CTR (Japan) (Feb 21st 2013)