This is the SEGA Developer Technical Support CD from June of 1996, this disc was used for the development of Sega Saturn games. Many Saturn tools, documentation, and files are included for a wide range of things such as programming, graphics, and sound.


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What's NEW:

SGL 2.1
Updated SGL version 2.1 (includes PRELIMINARY versions of
explanatory readme files).  The previous version of SGL 2.0A
is still included with FINAL versions of translated readme files.

The SoundSimulator 3.00E folder contains the latest SoundSimulator
release.  The NEW_INFO file explains the recommended combination
of sound tools that provides the most stable setup and produces
consistent results.  Additionally, all available Japanese release
notes for the tools have been translated into English for your
reference purposes.  Look for the release notes inside each tool's folder.

Try out the new Saturn Documentation Search Index, the quickest and
easiest way to find the technical information specific to your development
needs.  This index can be found in MENU.PDF along with a complete list
and description of the Saturn documentation available on this CD.

  EXAMPLES from DevCon '96 focusing on "Suggested Uses for the DSP" and
  "Advanced Graphic Effects"
  GCC (GNU C Compiler) Version SOA 960412
  BGCON (Background Converter) Version 1.61

This CD includes files for the Macintosh, PC, and SGI.  The Graphic and
Sound tools are primarily Macintosh files.  In order to fully access
these tools, use this CD on a Mac.  When viewing this CD on a PC, files
that do not have DOS compliant filenames may not be visible.

Many ReadMe files and other documentation have been formatted in Adobe
Acrobat.  To read these .pdf files and documents, install, not copy,
the correct Acrobat Reader version onto your hard drive if you haven't
already.  Both versions of the Reader (PC and MAC) can be found in the
following directory:

PLEASE NOTE:  The new Scene Interchange File Format (SIFF) Specifications
(previously called SGA3 IFF Specs) announced in the May '96 issue of
DevelopMental (DTS Newsletter) is not included on this CD.  The
specifications will be finalized shortly and will be distributed
through the Sega DTS Website and BBS.  All developers registered
with Sega DTS will be issued a username and password for the new
Sega DTS Website via e-mail during the next few weeks.


Download SEGA Developer Technical Support CD JUNE 1996