This is a prototype of Pokemon Rumble World. This build is identified as “34356M” and contains a different application icon and title id. In addition to these, there are also many gameplay differences and the build itself is quite buggy, thus suffers from crashes. It is also debug-enabled and the debug menu can be opened by pressing L + Y. You can choose from various options such as a map select, sound settings, screen display settings, savedata settings, any much more.


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ROM Information

== Reading file '000400000013CF00_v00.3ds'...
-- Nintendo 3DS ROM Image detected
----- SMDH -----
Title:           'Pokémon Rumble World'
Full Title:      'Pokémon Rumble World'
Publisher:       'Nintendo'
Region Code:      [*] Japan     [*] USA   [*] Europe     
                  [*] Australia [*] China [*] South Korea
                  [*] Taiwan   
Age Ratings:     CERO=A, ESRB=0, USK=0, PEGI=0, PEGI-PT=0, BBFC=0, ACB=G, GRB=0, CGSRR=0
----- NCSD -----
Media ID:        '00040000-0013CF00'
Product Code:    'CTR-P-KCFJ'
Logo:            'Nintendo'
Media Type:      'Card1'
Card Device:     'NOR Flash'
Card Revision:   '00'
Issuer:          'Debug'
|#| Type | Encryption | Version  |  Size   |
|0|Game  |Fixed (Zero)|0.0.2 (v2)|113.7 MiB|
|1|Manual|Fixed (Zero)|0.0.0 (v0)|148.0 KiB|
----- ExHeader -----
Process Name:    'CaviarF'
Type:            'Application'
Flags:            [ ] CompressExefsCode [ ] SDApplication
Old3DS Sys Mode: 'Prod (64 MiB)'
New3DS Sys Mode: 'Prod (124 MiB)'
New3DS CPU Mode:  [*] L2 Cache [*] 804 MHz 

Board / Cartridge Images

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Download Pokemon Rumble World (USA) (Prototype) (34356M)