This is a dump of a very rare piece of software for the Famicom Network System. JRA-PAT was used to bet on horse races from the comfort of your own home. It was said to have 100,000 units sold.

Please note that this is currently unplayable on emulator.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

ROM Information

----| File Data |--------------------------------------------------
System:             Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System          
File:               JRA-PAT.nes
BitSize:            1 Mbit
Size (Bytes):       131088
CRC32:              36346E53
MD5:                45E00A783DF2A4F54F0A285EB9529D8A
SHA1:               94A738BEBA66DCA23D663E155CD5C1530B694A11
SHA256:             8F2AFA94F604073795BA136BEEDF00144A308928DCF25707E7CBD09F8B1D19F0
----| iNES Header Data |-------------------------------------------
Num ROM Banks:      0x08 (128 KBytes)
Num VROM Banks:     0x00 (0 KBytes)
Mirroring:          0 (Horizontal)
Save RAM:           0 (No)
Trainer:            0 (No)
4-Screen VRAM:      0 (No)
VS-System Cartridge:0 (No)
ROM Mapper:         1 (Nintendo MMC1)
Num RAM Banks:      0x00 (None or 8 KBytes)
Display:            0 (NTSC)
----| NES Header Data |--------------------------------------------
Title:              ? , ?, ?,[email protected]
PRG-ROM Checksum:   0x10FB (Bad; 0xB464)
CHR-VROM Checksum:  0xEEF2 (Bad; 0x0000)
PRG Size:           0x15 (33554432 KBytes)
CHR Size:           0x15 (16777216 KBytes)
Mirroring:          0x4 (Horizontal)
Board Type:         0x12
Unknown 1:          0x00C0D9FF
Maker Code:         0xD9 (Banpresto)
Unknown 2:          0xFF
Vectors:            0x0FF3D9FF4AF3
----| Headerless Data |--------------------------------------------
Size (Bytes):       131072
CRC32:              E4F4FAFA
MD5:                90E2B479A3A9C6BA3A41D60FE1E3F99F
SHA1:               3951FC1BB2BD44C2E9525D50BDF97B7C5D9F0B9F
SHA256:             0C6EB91EA117049DC43A4B2306FE8E3909BEC270084C72088C5FC5BFB5BB6295

Board / Cartridge Images

Cart Front

Playthrough Video

A gameplay video play through played by Hard4Games:


Download JRA-PAT (Japan) (Famicom Network System)