This is a backup of various test ROMs, source code, logs, and assets used by developer Eurocom for their Nintendo 64 games. A very early copy of their cancelled game “40 Winks” is also present within the files and was fixed thanks to Zoinkity.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

The "rom" file on the Eurocom CD is a very early 40 Winks prototype.  It will not normally
run without coercion.  The provided file fixes a bug that prevents it from running and
also removes the RDB debug message printer so it can be used on flashcarts.

Bug Details:
The bug is, for the most part, a timing issue.  The gfxproc thread is started before the
SI queues are created during controller initialization.  The update command for gfxproc 
also updates controller input to ensure it happens every frame.  This isn't necessarily 
an issue, depending on event frequency and thread priority, but what's happening is 
within the controller init function the gfxproc thread grabs control and tries to 
use an SI queue that hasn't been created yet to read controllers that haven't gone 
through initialization. The fix just pushes the function that starts the thread after 
the controller init functions.

The RDB print function is avoided by simply branching over it.  If you have a Partner64 or
are emulating one you will still receive messages as normal.

Note this uses the "sdk" bootstrap which does not use checksum during IPL3.

Fixes in Detail:
80001704	0x2304
	0C008E7C 02002021 0C0008D9 00000000 0C0069A0 00000000
	0C0008D9 00000000 0C0069A0 00000000 0C008E7C 02002021
80028550	0x29150
	10400005 -> 1040000C

  In game, pressing the R Button toggles collisions on and off.  Hold the L Button
  to halt gameplay. Normal game controls also apply.  A jumps, B attacks, Z in
  midair ground pounds, B+Z uses a magic scream, etc.

  Start pauses the game and opens a menu that allows changing your character,
  stage, etc. Use up and down to select an option.  A and B cycle forward and back
  through each option. Start exits. Changes take effect on exiting the menu.

  Animation viewer controls:
  3D stick		rotate
  C-Up, C-Down		zoom
  C-Left, C-Right	change model
  R & L Button		advance forward & back through animation frames
  A Button		display model details
  Start			exit



Download Eurocom Data (40 Winks Alpha)