3D Challenge was a tech demo created by Nintendo to demonstrate the capability of the 3DS at E3 2010. It consists of various basic minigames where the player must identify which object is truly 3D, and which is a 2D cutout. This was discovered within a lot of 37 systems and after many delays and bricks, it was finally able to be recovered and preserved. It appears to be an earlier version than what was shown to the press at E3, as unused files within the game corroborate what was explained by people who played the demo.

The game also shares the same Title ID as the Japanese version of Face Raiders, thus it shares the same home menu icon and banner. Please be warned that installing this title on a Japanese system may overwrite the Face Raiders application.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

ROM Information

== Reading file '3D_Challenge.cia'...
-- Nintendo 3DS Application Package detected
----- SMDH -----
Title:           'Face Raiders'
Full Title:      'Face Raiders'
Publisher:       'Nintendo'
Region Code:      [*] Japan     [ ] USA   [ ] Europe     
                  [ ] Australia [ ] China [ ] South Korea
                  [ ] Taiwan   
Age Ratings:     CERO=A
----- CIA -----
Title ID:        '00040010-00020D00'
Product Code:    'CTR-N-HCHJ'
Logo:            'Nintendo'
Version:         '0.0.0 (v0)'
Issuer:          'Retail'
Console ID:      '00000000'
|#|Type|  Encryption   | Version  |  Size  |
|0|CXI |Standard (0x2C)|0.0.2 (v2)|11.7 MiB|
----- ExHeader -----
Process Name:    'NTRQ'
Type:            'Application'
Flags:            [*] CompressExefsCode [*] SDApplication
Old3DS Sys Mode: 'Prod (64 MiB)'
New3DS Sys Mode: 'Legacy (64 MiB)'
New3DS CPU Mode:  [ ] L2 Cache [ ] 804 MHz       

A gameplay video play through played by Akfamilyhome:

Special Thanks

Massive thanks to Paul Kelly for sending this in for release!


Download 3D Challenge (Tech Demo)