This program was obtained from an RVT-H Reader and was dumped using rvthtool, created by Gerbilsoft. It includes multiple diagnostics programs for use during Wii system initialization in factories, it runs through various tests to see if a system is functioning correctly. The results of said tests are then written to testlog.txt. It is currently unknown if this would’ve been used in retail system production.

Please note that it does not run correctly on an emulator. Use on retail systems at your own risk, as it may cause irreparable damage.


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

ROM Information

Name: RVL_UJI_DIAG_Ver1_0 (Disc 1, Revision 0)
Game ID: 121J01 (000100003132314a)
Country: Unknown
Maker: Nintendo (01)
Apploader Date: 2006/07/12                                              

Playthrough Video

A gameplay video play through played by RedBees:


Download RVL_UJI_DIAG (121J)