This is a prototype of James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire by Electronic Arts. This build is dated Jan 25, 2002 and it contains minor differences within the map data and cutscenes.


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ROM Information

Filename: GW7E69
Internal Name: Agent Under Fire
MD5: 4217B9ABCB9E4AE55F206441AF9DE9FC
SHA-1: 328DFB4DE584ADF340F7306D775390EFB0D09150
CRC32: 64886672
Version: 1.00
Verified: No
Seconds: 576

== Reading file 'GW7E69.iso'...
-- Nintendo GameCube Disc Image detected
Title:       'Agent Under Fire'
Game ID:     'GW7E69'
Publisher:   'Electronic Arts'
Disc #:      '1'
Revision:    '00'
Region Code: 'USA'
Game Info:   'James Bond 007 in...Agent Under Fire™
              ©2002 Electronic Arts Inc. All rights reserved.'                                                                   

Disc Images

Disc Front
Disc Back

Special Thanks

Massive thanks to SuperGameJoy for sending this in for release!


Download James Bond 007 - Agent Under Fire (USA) (Prototype)